Our Mission-

The mission of the American Bald Eagle Foundation is the conservation of the bald eagle and its habitat through education and stewardship. 

Our Vision-

Biodiversity keeps life on this planet beautiful and thriving. Our vision is a human population dedicated to maintaining this vast diversity of species. We hope to foster appreciation and respect for the natural world in our guests by giving them the inspiration and tools they need to become effective stewards.

Our History-

In 1982, Haines local Dave Olerud, with the assistance of his friend Hans Fluehler, founded the American Bald Eagle Foundation. The construction of the natural history museum began in the spring of 1987 and opened its doors in 1994. Over the next twenty years ABEF grew substantially, adding hundreds of specimens to the museum collection as well as the addition of the raptor center in 2010.

Today the natural history museum is home to over 200 specimens of the natural world, and the raptor center houses ten avian ambassadors who help teach the public about their unique species. Through education we strive to inspire others to explore the world around them and create a deeper connection to nature.