Cheryl McRoberts, Executive Director

McRoberts is originally from Rhode Island, but moved to Nevada where she cheryloperated her own businesses including tax preparation, and accounting for 23 years. After moving to Alaska in 2008, she put in thousands of hours as an ABEF volunteer before she was hired on as an administrator. Soon after this, she became director of operations before being promoted to the Executive Director position in 2013.

McRoberts wears multiple hats at the Foundation which include overseeing day-to-day operations and finances. She is also responsible for many of the promotional and fund-raising programs, grant writing and administration. She always works hard to make sure ABEF employees’ (both human and feathered) needs are met and the operation of the Foundation runs smoothly.

When not managing the facility, McRoberts enjoys being outdoors and photographing with her husband, researching ancestry and scrapbooking family photos.

Cheryl can be reached at info(at)baldeagles(dot)org

Katelyn Dickerson, Curator of Collections

kaiteDickerson grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She attended Hope College, where she graduated with a  B.A. in history and political science, with a focus in education. During her undergraduate career she taught in schools across the country, as well as in England. Dickerson then went on to receive her M.A. in historical administration from Eastern Illinois University.

She fell in love with Alaska, and Haines in particular, when she interned at the illustrious Hammer Museum as part of her Master’s Degree requirements. In the past years, she developed a strong background in education, interpretation, fundraising, and exhibit design from her experiences working and volunteering in different museums.

As the museum coordinator, Dickerson works to maintain and improve the natural history part of the Foundation. She cares for the collections, updates permanent exhibits, develops new ones, and is helping the Foundation move toward accreditation. She is passionate about continuing the progression of our Natural History Museum through active collecting and interactive learning, and looks to develop dynamic exhibits.

After hours, Dickerson enjoys exploring with her dog (or any dog really), listening to some killer tunes down at beach bonfires, and attempting to play the ukulele with the Haines Ukuladies.

Katelyn can be reached at museum(at)baldeagles(dot)org

Sidney Campbell, Raptor Program Manager

IMG_3902Campbell grew up in Southern California, and developed a deep respect for the work of animal ambassadors at a very young age watching her uncle work with elephants at the San Diego Zoo. She moved to Juneau, Alaska in 2012 to attend the University of Alaska Southeast, and received her Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2015.

Her career with raptors began as an intern with the American Bald Eagle Foundation, and continued through volunteering with other raptor education organizations including the Cascades Raptor Center in Eugene, OR. She is an avid reader of new literature, and takes every opportunity to further her education.

Campbell’s work at the Foundation is focused on bringing the message of conservation to an ever wider audience. This is a multi-faceted job that includes writing the monthly newsletter, creating engaging curricula for the Youth Raptor and internship programs, planning events within the Haines community, and working with resident avian ambassadors to provide up-close wildlife encounters to museum guests.

When she is not working, Campbell can be found hiking or traveling with her husband, birding and tracking wildlife, volunteering with local conservation organizations, or better getting to know the community of Haines.

Sidney can be reached at sidney(at)baldeagles(dot)org


The American Bald Eagle Foundation board of trustees:

  • Susan Flowers
  • Harold Williams
  • Michael Marks
  • Al Batt
  • Sean Gaffney
  • Gary Matthews