ABEF Photography WorkshopsABEF Photography Workshops: with Bill McRoberts, our Photographer on staff, will be held November 6th- 10th, 2017.

With Bill McRoberts, our Photographer on staff, will be held November 6th- 10th, 2017.

The American Bald Eagle Photography Workshop is a great way for amateur photographers and those interested in capturing wildlife to get hands-on experience in the field (or should we say the river valley). During the day you will be taken to the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. There, your instructor will offer advice, feedback, and tips to successfully photograph bald eagles. Evening sessions include photography techniques and strategies for capturing a variety of bald eagle images. Additionally, you will learn post processing techniques in the Photoshop digital darkroom. Our goals for all who take the class are:

  • To have you leave with a completed image that you’re proud to say is yours, printed and ready to frame.
  • To have you learn, understand and incorporate the fundamentals of wildlife and avian photography into your practice at home. Our instructors want you to be able to apply these technical and artistic principles in all areas of your photography so you feel confident you can capture the shots you want when you’re back home, and wherever else your travels may take you.

When: November 6th-10th 2017 7:30 am at the American Bald Eagle Foundation to take the shuttle to the preserve with the instructor.

What’s included: The workshops include lunch, transportation to the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve and back to town, your field workshops and classroom lessons, and a six day pass to all festival activities.  If time allows your instructor will also cover some digital art techniques.

Cost: $1,000.00 per person for complete five-day photography course, digital dark room instructions, printed image and six-day pass to the festival.

Instructor Bill McRoberts: Bill is a Professional Photographer, videographer, Digital Artist and Instructor. Born in Pendleton, Oregon. Graduated and left Oregon in 1970. Spent 23 years in the Military and retired from the US Army in 2000. In his travels with the military, he started getting into photography and purchased his first camera at the age of 27. Bill got serious about photography in 2000 and purchased his first digital camera. Digital opened the doors to a whole new world. Moving to beautiful Haines, Alaska, in 2008 was when he picked up momentum with all there was in this small community to photograph. The wildlife, the scenery, and even the people. Bill has been so honored at the opportunities that have come to him. The Bald Eagle has become his favorite subject. The importance of knowing your subject is also a very vital thing and his association with the American Bald Eagle Foundation has provided him with so much knowledge about Bald Eagle. The study of their habits and behavior these last couple years has helped his ability to identify when there is that opportunity to capture that certain photograph. His photographs have been published in the Northwest Travel Magazine, Holland America Cruise Line’s Cabin Book, Popular Photography Magazine, Outdoor Photography Magazine, Mile Post, Alaska Magazine, USA Today, Capital City Weekly, and the Haines Welcome Center Directory. His Digital Art Painting of a Bald Eagle hangs in the VA Medical Center in Anchorage. His has been sold in different stores throughout Alaska. Bill donates extensively to nonprofits organizations and community fundraisers. In 2008 he won Photo of the Year by the American Bald Eagle Foundation. In 2010 and 2013 he was selected the Artist of the Year. He has been doing photography/photoshop workshops for the Alaska Bald Eagle Festival since 2011.

Where Eagles Soar  by Bill McRoberts   18452579_1400220953392230_2008115787_o

18452070_1400220950058897_1462326740_oPlease click the following link for information on what’s covered in the five-day classes: Photography 5

Here is an equipment checklist PDF: ABEF Photography Equipment Checklist

Registration at https://baldeagles.org/alaska-bald-eagle-festival/registration-information/