The 2020 Photography Workshop  

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The American Bald Eagle Foundation Photography Tour is a great way for amateur photographers and those interested in capturing wildlife to get hands-on experience in the field. The tour takes place at the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve where your instructor will offer advice and feedback about photographing bald eagles during this spectacular gathering. The workshop is limited to just 3 students to provide a personalized experience for each student with the instructor.  Click here for more information about the preserve.

When: November 9-13th, 2020

What’s included: This tour includes 5 days of photographing,  lunch, transportation to the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve and back to town, and a four-day pass to all festival activities including the banquet on Saturday, Nov 9th. Most activities and speakers will be in the evening at the American Bald Eagle Foundation.  See the Festival schedule  coming soon for more details.

What you should bring: ABEF Photography Equipment Checklist

About the instructor: Bill McRoberts is a professional photographer, videographer, digital artist and instructor. A 23-year military veteran, he started exploring photography in his travels with the Army. Since moving to Haines in 2008, the bald eagle has become his favorite subject. Bill has lived in Haines for over 12 years and knows where to photograph the eagles in their natural environment. Bill has conducted our workshops for the last 10  years and knows the best locations to photograph the eagles.

His photographs have been published in the Northwest Travel Magazine, Holland America Cruise Line’s Cabin Book, Popular Photography Magazine, Outdoor Photography Magazine, Mile Post, Alaska Magazine, USA Today, Capital City Weekly, and the Haines Welcome Center Directory. He has been teaching the Alaska Bald Eagle Festival photography workshop since 2011.


Featured photos by Bill McRoberts:







The 2018 Bald Eagle Festival has won the Mindful Birding Award for the transition to ethical ways to view bald eagles. Please view the mindful birding guidelines here:

Mindful Birding Guidlelines