We are currently accepting applications for our 2018 internship. Applications are due February 31st at 5pm AKST

Why intern at the American Bald Eagle Foundation?
Every year we accept four to six individuals from across the country for our Shirley Internship Program. The internship  takes place at the ABEF natural history museum and raptor center in Haines, Alaska. The museum houses more than 200 specimens which exhibit Southeast Alaskan wildlife, culture, history, geology, and more. The raptor center is home to 11 live raptors who work as ambassadors for their species.

Interns have the opportunity to learn about raptors and the natural history of Southeast Alaska. This internship is for individuals interested in wildlife and conservation education, natural history, museums, and or raptor care. We offer hands-on experience in animal husbandry, raptor handling, avian enrichment, public speaking, museum care, community outreach and collaboration, and a possibility for research.

Depending on prior experience and skill level, interns will learn how to work with raptors via operant conditioning: positive reinforcement training, and empowerment training. Interns also engage guests of all ages through natural history programs. They will learn about the many species of animals that occupy Southeast Alaska and they may have a chance to collect data with a local researcher in the area. We are not a rehabilitation facility, so aside from the occasional rescue and stabilization, there will be no rehab opportunities.


Learning outcomes of the program include:

  • educational public programming that encourages conservation consciousness
  • skills in public interpretation and museum content creation
  • facility maintenance and wildlife husbandry
  • understanding and employment of applied behavior analysis and operant conditioning

These outcomes are achieved through orientation lectures, hands-on training, and participation in day-to-day operations. Interns will greet and interact with many guests during the summer tourism season, as well as present several different formal programs. The will also participate in daily facility maintenance, including the aviaries. This is hard work that is often dirty, but also rewarding. Each intern will be given the opportunity to work with one of the 11 avian ambassadors under the guidance of ABEF raptor staff.

The qualified candidate will:

  • take initiative
  • self-motivate
  • have a desire to learn
  • be willing to accept constructive criticism
  • work well in teams and alone
  • manage time efficiently
  • communicate clearly, directly, and honestly
  • have a positive attitude

If you have these qualities and a passion for wildlife conservation, this could be an exciting opportunity. In addition to the experiences interns gain here, benefits include free housing, a $380 bi-monthly stipend, and up to $1,000 travel reimbursement.

Interested in applying?

Applicants must provide:

  • completed 2018 Intern Application
  • one-page cover letter describing why you are the right fit for this internship
  • one to two-page resume
  • two letters of reference
  • three professional references (two may be the same contacts used for letters of recommendation)

Letters of recommendation must be sent directly from the writer to sidney@baldeagles.org the subject line should read ‘letter of rec *applicant’s name*’ in the subject line. All other components must be compressed into a single PDF and emailed to sidney@baldeagles.org no later than 5:00pm AKST on Wednesday, January 31st.

Good luck!



If you have any questions about our internship program, contact us!

Our 2015 intern Maggie Hughes created this video from her Haines and ABEF experiences. Thanks Maggie!