The American Bald Eagle Foundation offers programs to groups located in Southeast Alaska and Yukon Territory. We offer programs for guests of all ages. You can request a program at the Foundation or we can come to you, depending on which program you’re interested in and your educational desires. We will tailor our program to fit your group’s needs, as we offer both natural history programs and programs with our avian ambassadors.

For youth groups, we have a recommended adult to child ratio in order to make our programs as successful as possible. For children under the age of 10, we recommend one adult chaperone for every five children. For children 11 and over, we recommend one adult chaperone for every seven children.

The main goal of our programs is to inspire wonder for the American bald eagle and all animals connected in the web of life. We aim to do this by engaging the senses in an educational experience. Imagine standing next to a 12 foot tall moose to get an idea of their size, or feeling the wind on your face created by an owl’s powerful wings as it swoops by you.

If you’re interested in visiting the Foundation as a group but would prefer a self-guided tour, we offer $1.50 discount from regular admission for groups larger than 15 people.

We are in the process of creating a new line of interactive programming.

Currently, we can bring up to two of our avian ambassadors to your location (we must have a month’s advance notice), or you can come to the ABEF for a natural history tour, raptor tour, or both.

Please e-mail leia(at)baldeagles(dot)org for pricing

or call us at 907.766.3094 for more information.