Local artist Tresham Gregg and the American Bald Eagle Foundation are coming together this spring to present a series of wildlife art classes. Working from wildlife specimens in the ABEF natural history museum, students will be guided through basic anatomical sketching and drawing to more complex composition and media, while finding and connecting with the spirit of Alaskan wildlife.


Classes begin March 11th and will run through late April, Friday and Saturday afternoons from 1:30 to 3:00, and will cost $20 per person. Students will need a sketch pad, B (soft lead) pencils, and erasers. Supplies can be brought from home, or ordered through the Foundation. Contact sidney(at)baldeagles(dot)org for more information.

About Tresham Gregg


Tresham Gregg grew up in Fort Seward, and has been an artist all his life. As a child, he was part of a local effort to revive Tlingit art and culture, and has since been inspired by Native American spiritual thinking. After graduating from Stanford with a degree in art and architecture, he spent time studying art in Paris. From there he traveled the world, immersing himself in art and culture wherever he went. Gregg now operates the Seawolf Gallery in Haines, Alaska. Learn more about Tresham at his website.