Stay tuned for dates and times for the 2018 Youth Raptor Program.

What is the Youth Raptor Program?

The Youth Raptor Program is a unique opportunity for the children of Haines to learn about Southeast Alaskan natural history and North American raptors. This program is an excellent chance for students interested in science or animal care to learn the basics of raptor anatomy, behavior, care, and more. They will take part in hands-on husbandry and science activities, and develop public speaking skills.

This program is focused both on academic learning, and personal growth and development. In addition to examinations on lecture material, students are encouraged to explore their individual strengths and passions through fun activities. Our number one goal is to foster a lasting connection with the natural world, and to give students the skills they need to share this connection with others.

Program Duration & Requirements

Punctuality is crucial. In order to complete the course and receive a certificate of graduation, each student must pass all tests and complete a final project to be discussed in class. If a student misses a class, it is their responsibility to make up the missed material and training with the education and outreach coordinator.

Each student must have written permission from their parent or guardian, a signed photo release, a current tetanus immunization, and a signed medical wavier accepting full responsibility for their child’s medical care in the case of an injury related to working with live raptors. We have never had a serious injury in this program and we aim to maintain this perfect record.

This class is both challenging and rewarding. Youth Raptor Program students will be taught complex concepts, and need to dedicate an appropriate amount of time to expect to graduate. In return, they will gain unique experience that will be valuable to them throughout their lives.