Peregrine Falcon

Ole 1.jpgOle- Ole, a peregrine falcon, was born in April of 2016 and came to the ABEF from Washington state shortly after. Ole was raised by humans to work as an educator and so develops unusual relationships with people. He will preen his trainers on occasion, grooming their hair and clothing with his beak.

Ole has met thousands of guests in his time as an educator, traveling to Skagway as well as the Yukon Territory for programs. During training sessions, Ole likes to sunbathe, stretching his wings out to warm himself in the sunlight. He also spends much of his day inspecting insects, birds, and guests who stop by his aviary. To support his continued care and training, click here to sponsor Ole.

Ole’s 2021 Sponsors: Debbie Loizzo, Marcia and Craig McKenzie

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Lanner-Saker Falcon


Zilla is a lanner-saker falcon hybrid.  This means that she is a cross between the lanner and saker species of falcons.  She worked with a falconer for the first 10 years of her life before retiring to the Southeastern Raptor Center in Alabama. She became ABEF’s first avian ambassador in 2010.

Zilla can be seen laying down and sunning herself, which gives her hips a rest as she is one of the oldest ambassadors at the ABEF. She often watches squirrels, birds, and insects outside of her window. She especially enjoys catching the odd bug that strays into her aviary. To support her continued training and care, click here to sponsor Zilla.

Zilla’s 2021 Sponsors: Marcia Taylor

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