To protect the health of our staff and guests, the ABEF will implement the following procedures for the duration of the tourism season:

Guest Expectations:

  • Use hand sanitizer before entering the building
  • Wear masks at all times including outside
  • Remain a distance of six feet from those not in your party
  • Do not touch surfaces unnecessarily
  • Guests who refuse to comply with these policies will be asked to leave; refunds will be determined at staff discretion

Gift Shop and Front Desk:

  • The building and raptor center will operate at half capacity, limiting guests to
    • A maximum occupancy of 75 in the museum and 100 in the raptor center
    • Parties no larger than 6 (larger parties will be asked to split up)- Guests who linger in one area will be gently asked to consider moving on so other guests can safely enjoy the exhibit
  • Electronic payments are preferred; if cash must be accepted, front desk staff will use hand sanitizer after the transaction
  • Lysol wipes are kept at the front desk and used anywhere guests touch
  • The cash register will be disinfected between staff shifts
  • The museum guide will only be available by QR code located in the museum
  • Guests will be verbally informed of our expectations (see above) when they check in
  • Hand sanitizer station located outside the front door
  • Guests may not touch merchandise; ask a staff person who will be handling merchandise and payments
  • Staff will handle items with gloves
  • Jewelry may not be tried on
  • Donation boxes will be marked with requests for electronic payments


  • Public restrooms will be available to guests at their own risk
  • Every hour, all surfaces are sprayed with Lysol and the door closed for ten minutes, after which any surfaces that are still wet are dried with a paper towel
  • This cleaning protocol is posted in the hallway
  • Signs in each bathroom reminding guests to wash their hands and help prevent the spread of COVID

In the Museum:

  • All touch exhibits will remain closed
  • Binoculars have been removed from mural exhibit
  • Helping Raptors exhibit is display only
  • Signs be placed on all cases and in high touch potential areas to prevent touching
  • Hand sanitizer station located at the water fountain
  • The water fountain is off limits and has a sign preventing use

Raptor Center:

  • Outside eagle aviary door will be propped open during the day
  • Hand sanitizer station located at the inside eagle door
  • Interns will use separate gloves, whistles, and markers

Staff Expectations:

  • Staff will perform regular cleaning and guest monitoring on the hour in a manner that is both public and reassuring
  • Staff will wear masks at all time when in public areas, including the raptor center
  • Staff will monitor guest behavior for adherence to protocol
  • Staff that has not been vaccinated will complete a daily health screening
  • This screening tool was adapted from the Haines Borough Public Library and SEARHC; any staff who show symptoms or answer yes to any of the questions on the screening will be asked to stay home
  • Staff that has not been vaccinated will work in a separate office
  • The facility will be thoroughly disinfected after closing