Red-Tailed Hawk


Warrior- Warrior, a male red-tailed hawk, is a subspecies found in the American Southeast. He is originally from Alabama, where red-tailed hawks are typically lighter in color. Warrior was admitted to the Southeastern Raptor Center for rehabilitation as an adult with West Nile virus which resulted in the loss of sight in his right eye.

Both male and female red-tailed hawks build and maintain a nest through the mating season. Warrior builds a nest every year with materials provided by his trainers and even develops a brood patch. A brood patch is a spot that loses feathers on the uderside of a nesting bird. This provides more direct heat to the eggs. Guests may get the opportunity to see Warrior work on his nest. To support his continued care and training, click here sponsor Warrior.

Warrior’s 2021 Sponsors: Hanne and Manfred Hoefs, Marsha Taylor

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Sitka-Sitka, a female red-tailed hawk, is an Alaskan subspecies. Alaskan red-tailed hawks have darker plumage to blend in with evergreen and boreal forests. Sitka came to the ABEF in 2010 from the Alaska Raptor Center in Sitka, her namesake. She has a disability in her right wing from a fracture that did not heal properly.

The eyes of red-tailed hawks typically change from light to dark as the bird ages. Sitka’s eyes remained light after her adult plumage came in and took longer than usual to become the rich brown that you see now. She can often be seen sitting in high windows enjoying the sun or heard making raspy calls. To support her continued care and training, click here to sponsor Sitka.

Sitka’s 2021 Sponsors: Marsha Taylor

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