Eurasian Eagle Owl


Hans- Hans, a male Eurasian eagle owl, was hatched in 2013. The Eurasian eagle owl is native to Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa, but Hans was bred in Oregon to work as an educator.

Hans came to the ABEF several weeks after hatching and has been here ever since. He enjoys shredding enrichment and educating the public during programs throughout Southeast Alaska and parts of Canada. He interacts with visitors with low, raspy vocalizations and is often seen napping at the front of his aviary during the day. To support his continued care and training, click here to sponsor Hans.

Hans’ 2021 Sponsors: Marsha Taylor

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Northern Hawk Owl

IMG_0126Cirrus– Cirrus the Northern hawk owl came to the Foundation in 2019 from the Bird Treatment and Learning Center in Anchorage, Alaska.  While most species of owl are nocturnal, this elusive species is unique because they are an owl that is active during the day.  Northern hawk owls perch at the tops of evergreen and aspen trees during mid-day scanning for small rodents and birds. Cirrus is the newest member of our avian ambassador team and staff has been observing him as he settles into his new home.  He has an array of vocalizations, his most common being an ascending high-pitched screech that lets his trainers know when he’s ready to work. To support his continued care and training, click here to sponsor Cirrus.

Cirrus’s 2021 Sponsors: Marsha Taylor, Duncan and Jessika Campbell-Read

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Eastern Screech Owl

Dylan TwitterDylan- Dylan, an Eastern screech owl, came to the ABEF in 2010. He was treated at the Southeastern Raptor Center in Alabama for a detached retina in his right eye, which impairs his vision. He is a rufous morph, which means he is a reddish-brown color.

Dylan can fly silently from one end of his aviary to the other during training sessions and enjoys pouncing on enrichment. Sometimes he can be hard to see because he is relaxing in his nest box or camouflaging on leafy perches. Eastern screech owls are crepuscular. This means that Dylan is more active during dawn and dusk. In the evenings, he sometimes lets out his high-pitched trill. To support his continued care and training, click here to sponsor Dylan.

Dylan’s 2021 Sponsors: Eric Walther, Julie Flagg, Peter Carlotto, Dena Selby, Marsha Taylor, Nancy Nash, Tim Benicoff, Charlie Katzeek, Marilyn McLeod, Jenny Skoczylas, Mayanna Suslavich, Samantha Ward

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