Eurasian Eagle Owl


Hans- Hans is a Eurasian eagle owl (Bubo bubo). Eurasian eagle owls are not native to North America, but look very similar to their North American cousin, the great horned owl (Bubo virginianus). Their name refers to their large size; some females weigh up to nine pounds! Originally from Oregon, Hans has spent the majority of his life as an ambassador on our team. He enjoys ripping up cardboard boxes, meeting new people and demonstrating owl flight for guests. His favorite foods are quail and rabbit- you can help us make sure he always has his favorites by sponsoring Hans.

Hans’ sponsors are: Bonnie Pritts

Northern Hawk Owl

IMG_0126Cirrus– Cirrus the Northern hawk owl (Surnia ulula) came to the Foundation in 2019 from the Bird Treatment and Learning Center in Anchorage, Alaska.  While most species of owl are nocturnal, this elusive species is unique because they are an owl that is active during the day.  Northern hawk owls perch at the tops of evergreen and aspen trees during mid-day scanning for small rodents and birds. Cirrus is the newest member of our avian ambassador team and staff has been observing him as he settles into his new home.  He has an array of vocalizations, his most common being an ascending high-pitched screech that lets his trainers know when he’s ready to work.  Follow Cirrus as he begins his journey with the ABEF!

Cirrus’s sponsors are: Marsha Taylor,

Eastern Screech Owl

IMG_2592Dylan- Dylan is an Eastern screech owl (Megascops asio) who came from Auburn, Alabama in 2011. He is a rufous morph Eastern Screech Owl, meaning he is reddish in coloration. We are unsure of Dylan’s age (it’s rude to ask), however we estimate he must be at least seven years old. In his free time, Dylan enjoys practicing his camouflage skills and peeking out of his nestbox at passersby. He is also an active participant in his daily training sessions. He loves to eat mice and quail- you can help us make sure he always has plenty to eat by sponsoring Dylan.

Dylan’s sponsors are: Anne Marie Madigan, Donna Kushner, Eric and Pam Walther, Peter Valentine, Debra Adams, Todd and Robin Carpentar, The Cohn Family, Julie Flagg