Sponsoring a raptor is a great way to help our avian ambassadors! The money from your sponsorship will be used to help pay for feeding the bird, necessary healthcare, enrichment, aviary maintenance and cleaning supplies. Sponsorships are good for one year.

Every sponsorship comes with:

  • Admission for you and one guest into the ABEF for one year
  • An 8×10 certificate of the bird you have sponsored
  • A subscription to our (e)agle-newsletter
  • An ABEF conservation stamp & print
  • Your name listed on our website
  • Exclusive video training sessions with the bird you have sponsored and handler sent to your e-mail

Click on an individual bird below to start your sponsorship!


Vega the bald eagle

Bella the bald eagle

Arden the bald eagle

Hans the Eurasian eagle owl


Sarah the great horned owl

Warrior the red-tailed hawk

Sitka the red-tailed hawk

Zilla the lanner-saker falcon

Ole the peregrine falcon


Hunter the barred owl

Dylan the Eastern screech owl

Max the merlin