As we see more and more guests every year, our facility needs to grow to meet demand. With this in mind, we’ve designed all new aviaries that will allow our guests to follow a walking path at their leisure and view the birds in more spacious and open aviaries. The spaces would also be more enriching and empowering for our feathered team of ambassadors.

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An outdoor learning plaza and flight arena would better empower audiences to make a personal connection with wildlife through up-close encounters. By fostering these connections, the Foundation hopes to encourage conservation mindedness and to further our mission across ever wider demographics.


This redesign also seeks to address limitations faced by staff in the winter time. Haines has an average annual snowfall of 262 inches, with one record-breaking day bringing more than 27 inches! With snow comes freezing temperatures which make it difficult to bring in hoses and clean cramped aviaries. The new more sprawling nature of the redesigned aviaries, coupled with the installation of new hoses in closer proximity, would make winter cleaning far less challenging.

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