When you visit the American Bald Eagle Foundation natural history museum you will take a walk through the temperate rainforest of southeast Alaska and observe the many animals that call the Chilkat Valley home. Over 200 taxidermy animals including: moose, wolverine, wolves, and marten look as though they may step right out of the diorama! Bald eagles call from the cottonwood trees and a school of sockeye salmon make their way upriver past the noses of brown bear. Two mountain goats and a male Dall sheep observe the scene below from their mountaintop home.

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The natural history diorama was first opened to the public in 1994 and was the first physical presence for the American Bald Eagle Foundation. Many of the first taxidermy mounts on display were donations from the Alaska Sport Shop. On many summer days, visitors may expect to meet the founder of the American Bald Eagle Foundation, Mr. Dave Olerud himself.

Since the opening in 1994, a lobby and a specimen room have also been added. The specimen room contains smaller specimens and comparisons of feathers, skulls, hooves, antlers, horns, and shells. These mixed specimens demonstrate how the animals of Alaska make a living in their unique environments. The lobby boasts a large painted mural of the Chilkat River and the Tlingit village of Kluckwan through the four seasons. Bear, moose, harbor porpoise, beluga, and some of the birds of prey found in Alaska can be seen within the lobby.

Stay Tuned:

Big changes are coming to the natural history museum. More interactive programs and activities are planned for future exhibits. A rotating exhibit featuring geology will be up fall 2016.